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Declare the Decree



                Marriage of the Lamb






Part 1.


The Greatest

Love Story

Ever Told




of the Lamb










The Temple Calendar




Holy Days








                          Preface and Introduction



Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Chapter 4



Chapter 5


Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9






Appendix A:

The Throne



Appendix B:

Marriage Covenant



Appendix C:

Our Faith



Appendix D:

The Captivity in Sepharad



Appendix E:

The Passover Lamb of God



Appendix F:

Den of Thieves



Appendix G:

My Curse



Appendix H:

Tower of the Flock



Appendix I:

Humble Inherit the Earth



Appendix J:

The Day Cometh



Appendix K:

Day of Jezreel



Appendix L:

Place of the Name



Appendix M:

Mine Offering



Appendix N:

Pure Language



Appendix O:




Appendix P:

Triumph of Philistia



Appendix Q:

Thy Redeemer



Appendix R:

Yahweh’s Judgement of Esau



Appendix S:

Cup of Indignation



Appendix T:

Vineyard of Red Wine



Appendix U

The Present



Appendix V:

The Sovereign



Appendix W:

The Bride



Appendix X:

Great Wonder in Heaven



Appendix Y:

The Anointing



Appendix Z:

In the Beginning



Photographers and Artists



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